Picking up Your Order

After placing your order you will choose a pick-up site that is convenient for you (see list below). You will then pick up your order during the designated pick-up time window. Your order will be in a bag(s) labeled with your name in our refrigerator or cooler inside your chosen pick-up location. Simply go inside, pick-up your order, and you can be on your way! All orders for Thursday delivery must be placed before 2:00 PM on Wednesdays.

All customers are responsible for picking up placed orders during the designated pick-up times. Pick-up locations are not responsible for saving or holding forgotten orders and many are unable to hold perishable goods overnight. If you think you are going to be unable to pick up you order, please contact us at 803-658-8554 or BuyLocalFoodNow@gmail.com BEFORE the close of pick up time to discuss alternate delivery options. We cannot refund or replace any forgotten orders. Pick-up Locations are volunteering their time and resources to help ensure the availability of affordable, high-quality, nutritiously-dense, farm-fresh, local food to your community and are not responsible for saving or holding forgotten orders. Orders not picked up during the designated time-frame will be thrown away due to food-safety concerns. While our products are always fresh, please wash produce before consuming.

Pickup Fridge

Market Pick-up Sites