Have Questions? We have Answers...

What is your delivery area?

We currently deliver to buyers within Chester, Lanacster, Union and York Counties in South Carolina and select Charlotte, North Carolina corporate campuses. Click here to see a list of our delivery locations and times.


What if I need to change my pick up location after registering?

For temporary changes send an email to BuyLocalFoodNow@gmail.com after placing your order.


How do I purchase products?

First, register as a customer (there is no fee to register!). Once registered you can begin shopping for fresh, local produce, right from the web site.


Is there a minimum order amount?

No.  There is not a minimum order amount.


Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with a product?

Yes.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every item sold. If we have not done that, please let us know at BuyLocalFoodNow@gmail.com and we will happily refund or replace that item.


Where are your participating farms located?

All participating farmers are within South Carolina's Catawba Region. We have also added farmers from the Charleston and Upstate Region to expand our variety.


What are your farmer's growing practices (Organic, etc.)?

Each farm is unique.  While some of our farms are moving toward organic certification, all use sustainable growing practices.  Check out each individual famer's page to learn more about their growing methods.


Do you visit each participating farm?

Yes.  We are committed to bringing you the highest quality product.


What if I forget to pick up my order?

All customers are responsible for picking up placed orders. Pick-up locations are not responsible for saving or holding forgotten orders and many are unable to hold perishable goods overnight. If you think you are going to be unable to pick up you order, please contact us at 803-981-3021 or 803-374-3779 BEFORE the close of pick up time to discuss alternate delivery options. We cannot refund or replace any forgotten orders. Pick-up Locations are volunteering their time and resources to help ensure the availability of affordable, high-quality, nutritiously-dense, farm-fresh, local food to your community and are not responsible for saving or holding forgotten orders.


How can I participate as a Vendor?

We are actively seeking local farmers to provide fresh, quality products to our customers. We know all of our farmers by name, and we want our customers to know you, too. Please contact us to learn more.